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  1. YongJia TB33 Brush Cutter

    brush cutter

    Model TB33
    Engine Type Mitsubishi Air-cooled 2-cycle gasoline engine
    Displacement (cc) 32.6
    Max.Output(PS) 1.7
    Ignition Solid State Ignition (None breaker)
    Carburetor Float
    Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 1.3
    Fuel Mixed fuel of gasoline and 2-cycle oil (Ration 25:1)
    Starter Recoil starter (Easy Starter)
    Shaft Type Back pack
    Drive Shaft Flexible
    Driving System Automatic centrifugal clutch
    Rotating Direction Of Blade Counter clockwise
    Handle Shape Loop
    Throttle Lever Press
    Stop Switch Push Button
    Safety Guard Plastic
    Blade Option
    Overall Length 2,458mm
    Net Weight 8.7kg

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    Brush Cutter

    A?brushcutter?(also called a?brushsaw?or?clearing saw) is a powered?garden?or agricultural tool used to trim weeds, small trees, and other foliage not accessible by a?lawn mower?or?rotary mower. Various blades or trimmer heads can be attached to the machine for specific applications.

    It consists of:

    • A power unit held close to the body.
    • A pole through which the power is transmitted.
    • A rotary cutting head at the opposite end of the pole to the power unit.