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  1. Rover Mini Rider


    Model No. 13b226JD333
    Engine 420cc Single OHV Rover Engine
    Steering Telescopic steering allows the operator to adjust the steering height for a more comfortable ride.
    Deck Width 76cm(30″) side discharge cutting deck
    Height Adjustment 5 position
    Turning Radius 46cm(18″)
    Transmission Type 6 speed manual
    Front Axel Steel
    Front Typres 33cm x 12 cm (13″x5″)
    Real Typres 40cm x 16 cm (16″x6.5″)
    PTO Manual
    Fuel Capacity 4.9 litres
    Seat Low back black
    Cutting Deck Type Pressed
    Accessories 150 litres capacity two vented nylon bagger